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Réjean Tremblay reveals the situation in which Canadian channel TVA Sports is being censored

Réjean Tremblay reveals the situation in which Canadian channel TVA Sports is being censored

Veteran journalist Regan Tremblay He was one of this week's guests on the excellent show in the media On waves TeleQuebec.

As usual, he did not hesitate to communicate his ideas without compromise.

Moreover, during his interview, he was allowed to denounce the fact that the Montreal Canadiens control all the media covering its activities, even giving a specific example of this. Chantal Mashabi Recently intervened to censor VAT Sports Preventing certain images from being broadcast on TV.

“The rich team, they made a deal with TVA, they made a deal with RDS and what's more, the second shareholder of the Canadian is the owner of RDS. Do you think they will criticize the co-owner? Then 98.5 pays a huge amount for broadcasting the matches. So, there are three media outlets out of 4-5 is controlled, there is no real press.

I will give you an example, you will be interested. The Canadian will play last Thursday in Philadelphia. Not a year later Martin St. Louis, the coach everyone loves, meets another coach, John Tortorella, who has a bad reputation but is as smart as anything in reality. Martin plays with him for 12-15 years, the two fall into each other's arms and the two start chatting and having fun before it even starts.

A TVA Sports photographer takes photos for 30 seconds. It's cute, it's beautiful. We can make a story with that. Chantal Machabe arrives and says: No, no, no. These are private photos and will not be broadcast live!'

Normally, you have the right to be rude and stupid and say: “Chantal, quit!” This is a year, we are in a building and we pay the fees. This is for TVA and for our listeners. That would be journalism.

The photos were never shown.”

– Regan Tremblay

This is therefore a concrete situation where the Canadian has recently intervened directly to control his image.

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We agree that this situation is banal to say the least and in no way controversial. On the other hand, if the PR team feels the need to intervene at this time, we can only imagine possible interventions that regularly take place behind the scenes during the most sensitive situations.

Furthermore, the excerpt in question was published yesterday afternoon Twitter Through the program page, but he strangely disappeared during the day, which prompted the journalist Alexander Pratt to Journalism To ask questions.

Would Al-Kindi have asked for the extract to be removed?

Moreover, as of the time of writing, 36 hours later, the episode in question is still not available for viewing on the show's website, unlike all episodes of the other seven seasons.

Is this a coincidence?

Regardless, the snippet in question finally appeared on social media yesterday evening, this time on the show's Facebook page. Will it be removed too?

See the excerpt in question below while it's still available.