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Regional Air Transport: $500 ticket sales slow

Regional Air Transport: $500 ticket sales slow

And sales of $500 plane tickets for regional air transportation don’t seem to be starting to pick up.

From June to last October – the first five months of the program’s second year – 14,345 round-trip tickets were sold. This is what the preliminary data of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility revealed, reported by TVA Nouvelles.

This component of the Regional Air Access Program has been offered since June 2022. For the first full year of the offer, from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023, 44,302 round-trip tickets were sold.

September, Ile de la Madeleine and Vermont are the regions of origin. These are also the destinations where more than half of tickets have been sold in recent months.

Only a few tickets were sold for Mont Joli

In Mont Joli, only 184 round-trip tickets were sold from last June to October. Last year, sales totaled 454 round-trip titles.

Flight width offered by carriers remains an issue at Mont-Joli Regional Airport. There are no longer direct flights to Quebec or Montreal.

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For the current $500 flight program, travelers to the regions must have Quebec and Montreal airports as a starting or destination point.

Raising that standard would help the program, according to elected officials in the area.

“We think it will require inter-regional flights. There are a lot of people here in the greater city of Rimouski who often want to go to Ile de la Madeleine. There is a very strong community of Madelinots here in Rimouski. So, yes, I think that will be important The demands of [Fédération québécoise des municipalités] The state also, for example, to open this to [organismes à but non lucratif] Or to some other party. “Yes, we think we need to open up this program that might become more attractive and that would lead to greater results, but as I mentioned, it has to be part of a larger plan or approach for all regions of Quebec,” explained Bruno Paradis, president. of the inter-municipal authority of the Mont-Joli Regional Airport.

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Régie believes that we should return to a project like Régionair, which was developed a few years ago as a reaction to the problems of regional air transport.

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The entity will award contracts to the air carrier to provide services and will mobilize the community to stimulate demand.

Matane-Matapédia member Pascal Bérubé confirmed that the $500 ticket program was not achieving its goals.

“We have services that are increasingly in short supply, whether it’s the bus or the train, at least for those who have the means or who want to have the means to get on a plane, we have to have an accessible program. This is an essential service. So, it’s a program.” Failure. This is not what we wanted. “I invite the Minister of Transport to come and meet us in Mont-Joli, and we will present to her the effective program that is accessible to the people of our region,” he said.