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Reaffirmed ties with Australia: Under what conditions?

Reaffirmed ties with Australia: Under what conditions?

As of Monday, February 21, commercial flights to Australia have been confirmed to be resumed by Aircel, according to the vaccinated persons. But during a discussion between Canberra and Nouma officials on Thursday, February 17, not only the septine imposed when he arrived in New Caledonia was discussed.

This announcement was highly anticipated! Volunteers heading to Sydney or Brisbane took advantage of ads provided by Aircalin, such as Qantas, in anticipation of the resumption of connections from Monday, February 21st.

The Australian company pushed the deadline from late March to early June, with the exception of the withdrawal.

“The problem today is that the sales window is too narrow for such a quick recovery in cycles.”, Explains Gregory Bylan, head of tourism at a travel agency. Those who have recently booked on Qantas will have to postpone their trip. And there is no professional fault, he describes to his clients the many uncertainties surrounding the Australian holiday: “Currently, when entering Australia, there is no mention of the isolation period for vaccinated travelers. On the other hand, they refer to a self-examination upon arrival in Australia, and another question remains unresolved.

Below are all the descriptions of our correspondent Christophe Malt in Melbourne:

Reminder of the conditions that our correspondent in Australia must respect

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A meeting between New Caledonian and Australian officials was held on Thursday, February 17 to discuss exchange conditions between the two countries. “Unfortunately, there is no need for Australians to come to New Caledonia today.”Grégory Pilon insists, “Until they have to adhere to self-isolation, it takes two or seven days.” Two weekly flights to Sydney and one flight to Brisbane, with frequent cycles from early April. The second company is waiting to return.

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In addition to the visa, it is necessary to complete the online travel notice and present a negative test. Good news for Caledonians, three weekly flights from next week.

Below is the reaction of William Le Grant, General Manager, Aircel Business Affairs, collected by Julie Straponi and David Seagal:

Details of William Le Grant, General Manager, Business Affairs, Aircoal.

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