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Raid on its embassy in Ecuador: Mexico will refer the matter to the International Court of Justice

Raid on its embassy in Ecuador: Mexico will refer the matter to the International Court of Justice

Mexico announced its intention to refer the case to the International Court of Justice, the highest judicial body in the United Nations, after a police raid on its embassy in Ecuador, which sparked the collapse of diplomatic relations and international outrage.

Mexican diplomatic staff stationed in Quito left Ecuador on Sunday, two days after police raided the embassy to arrest the former vice president who had found asylum there.

Starting tomorrow, we will head to the International Court of Justice, where we will present this sad case. We believe we can win our case quickly.

Quote from Alicia Bárcena, head of Mexican diplomacy

The diplomats and their family members boarded a commercial flight in Quito after they were accompanied to the airport by the ambassadors of Germany, Panama, Cuba and Honduras, according to the Foreign Ministry.

The unprecedented storming of the Mexican embassy in Quito by Ecuadorian police officers in the world to arrest the former Ecuadorian vice president accused of corruption, Jorge Glass, who had taken refuge there, has sparked a barrage of criticism since Friday.

Ecuadorian police special forces entered the Mexican Embassy in Quito to arrest former Vice President of Ecuador Jorge Glas on April 5, 2024.

Photo: Getty Images/AFP/Alberto Suarez

In the process, Mexico announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Ecuador, followed by Nicaragua.

Ecuador was criticized from all sides

Leftist governments across Latin America condemned the raid, from Brazil to Venezuela to Chile and even Argentina led by liberal President Javier Miley, as well as the Organization of American States, the European Union and Spain.

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