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Questions about Elizabeth II's health after spending a night in the hospital

Questions about Elizabeth II’s health after spending a night in the hospital

That was only when it was the tabloid the sun And it was revealed that the Queen was hospitalized Buckingham Palace formalized the information late in the evening.

And her hospitalization from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday noon, justified the Queen’s need for submission. Initial examinations After putting them to rest, according to Buckingham Palace.

According to a source interviewed by the Palestinian Authority News Agency, Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent him his best wishes for recovery, Resting and doing light tasks Friday from Windsor Castle in the outskirts of London.

Royal sources strive to make it look like they’ve done too much, but they might have a hard time convincing fans now, noted Richard Palmer, journalist at daily expression.

After nearly 70 years on the throne, the Queen continues to show off her good looks in public. Recently she has been involved almost daily in formal obligations and her hospitalization is extremely rare, most recently going back to 2013 due to gastroenteritis. She was seen walking with a cane last week, for the first time since 2004.

She was vaccinated against Covid-19, and she held a reception Tuesday in Windsor with Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates in attendance, chatting with guests without a mask. The next morning, I canceled a visit to Northern Ireland afterwards reluctantly accepted His doctors advise to rest.

When her night at Edward VII Hospital in London was announced, sources at the palace were quick to tell British media that she was there to meet specialists and not stay the whole time. Night only for reasons need.

I think there is some discomfort in the palate this morning as it has appeared, but it reflects the tremendous affection and concern for the country.

Quote from:Robert Hardman, author of books about the royal family, in an interview with the BBC

Still very active, even at 95

Elizabeth II holds the record for longevity on the British throne, which she joined in 1952.

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She is still a highly beloved figure by the British and internationals, who have been praised for her knowledge of how to preserve the monarchy despite the major transformations that the United Kingdom has undergone during her reign, from decolonization to Britain’s exit from the European Union, and despite the many crises that have rocked it, including Diana passed away in 1997.

Recently, the devastating withdrawal of the monarchy from Grandson of Prince Harry and his wife MeghanOr you went to California or Alleged sexual abuse of her son Andrew Came to shake up the institution.

His heir, Prince Charles, 72, is far less popular, and the press lends him the intent to reduce the monarchy’s lifestyle by limiting it to a few active family members.

Prince Charles with his wife Camilla

Photo: Reuters/Molly Darlington

I don’t think you need to worry, Relatively Kirsty Duffield, a Londoner interviewed by AFP near Buckingham Palace. At his age, it is normal to take tests. It’s a good sign that she’s out quickly.

She is very healthy: she always rides a horse, leaves her house, she is a very strong woman., agrees with Katie Lavigne, waiving: At the same time, she is 95 years old.

Charlie Lloyd, retired, notes the longevity of Elizabeth II’s mother, who died at the age of 101. At the same time, these people enjoy an easy life, he argues.

Despite regular speculation about a withdrawal, especially after that Her husband, Philip, passed away in April at the age of 99Elizabeth II, head of state of 16 kingdoms, keeps a busy schedule.

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She no longer travels abroad and is represented there by her son Charles. She attended the G7 summit welcoming US President Joe Biden in June, presenting honors and receiving new ambassadors to the United Kingdom, sometimes via video conference.

The King is expected to participate in the United Nations climate conference at COP26 in early November in Glasgow, Scotland.