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Quebec is #1!

Quebec is #1!

Dear friends, bring out the cake and champagne, we must celebrate!

In fact, according to calculations conducted in recent months by Michel Girard and journalists from the Finance Department of… NewspaperQuebec is Canada’s champion for inflation.

Champion of taxes and fees.

Business Support Champion.

The second governorate in terms of government spending.

It is the second most indebted governorate in the country.

As René Lévesque said: “Maybe we are a great people!”

We collect records

Hence, taxes are imposed on the citizen and taxes are imposed on him more than others.

Do you find that you get what you pay for?

Are you satisfied with the services provided to you by the State of Quebec?

Do you think it’s Teguedo?

Yesterday, Index Santé told us the average wait time in emergency rooms in Quebec was 5 hours and 39 minutes.

Average length of stay for people waiting on a stretcher: 16:05.

Emergency occupancy rate: 110%.

The percentage of our schools in poor condition has increased from 59% to 61% over the past year.

There are so many dilapidated schools in Quebec that the government wants to review the way it assesses the condition of school buildings!

Four thousand teachers have left our schools in three years.

A quarter of teachers leave the profession within the first five years.

Nearly half of nurses throw in the towel before the age of 35.

The staff turnover rate in Quebec hospitals is two to three times as high.

According to a survey conducted by tire company Nokyan Tires, Quebec has the worst roads in North America. The Ministry of Transport believes that 44% of Quebec’s roads, bridges and viaducts are in poor or very poor condition.

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Quebec farts on the frets. It’s cracking everywhere.

Despite all the money we send to the government.

Since 2018, Quebec has had the lowest performance in the country in terms of job creation!

In Quebec, we record the lowest growth rate of the active population in Canada.

Public sector employment in Quebec increased by 14.4% compared to 2018. Today, public sector jobs represent 22.75% of all jobs in Quebec.

Nearly one in four Quebecers works in the government!

We are champions of fun!

Hardened state

Afterwards, François Legault believes he lost the by-election to Jean Talon because of the third episode…

People are not crazy. They have eyes to see. They know that nothing goes right on Earth! That despite the beautiful words and beautiful promises, there has been no noticeable improvement since François Legault came to power.

Quebec continues to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

Quebec, which was elegant and glamorous in the 1960s, suffers from osteoporosis and sclerosis.

He has difficulty walking.

When will there be a second quiet revolution?