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Punish the English! | Montreal Journal

The government proposes to punish the use of the English language.

He considers English to be “disparaging” and “degrading” to the common national language.

He condemns “Anglomania,” and fines for violators can range from $5,000 to $147,000.

No, it is not in ugly Quebec that this evil government is rampant, it is in Italy! Yes sir, So signore!

Only in Italy

When I read this CNN story, I admit I fell out of my seat (since the peregrine falcon was announced I no longer say “stunned”).

According to this law, anyone working in the civil service must have oral and written knowledge and be fluent in the Italian language.

The use of English in official documents, including abbreviations and job titles in companies doing business in Italy (PDG instead of CEO, for example) is also prohibited.

Foreign companies will have to obtain Italian copies of all internal regulations and employment contracts.

According to CNN: “Article 1 of the law ensures that even in departments where we deal with non-Italian speakers, Italian is the language of use. And Article 2 states that the Italian language will be compulsory for the promotion and use of services and public goods, throughout the national territory.” .

See what the bill says: “It’s not just about fashion, because fashion changes. But Englishmania has ramifications for society as a whole.”

If Italians feel threatened by the English language and feel the need to protect their national language, will they be accused of being intolerant, too nationalistic and withdrawn?

Will they be told they need to be bilingual, that is Wonderful, wonderfulto get man’s reactions and that the defense of its national language is obsolete and obsolete, He was ?

assembly language

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Speaking of “Anglomania”, do you want a good one? On a Saturday afternoon, at IKEA, the cashier greeted me with a “next, next!” Then “Hi, Hi!” “.

When I reminded him politely and kindly that French is the only official language in Quebec, he replied in a caustic tone that “it’s this kind of criticism that makes there so much”. Quebec hate “.

Demanding respect for the law, standing up and repeating the obvious, it arouses hatred…for ourselves!

Do you remember, in 2020, when The magazine did a full profile on “Bonjour, Hi”. A Victoria’s Secret saleswoman said that “some of her colleagues prefer to speak to customers in English for fear of reprisals.”

“We are in the city centre. Often, when we greet customers in French, some take it personally and yell at us,” I explained to my colleagues.

At Ikea on Saturday I asked to speak to the manager. When I mentioned to him that even the National Assembly had unanimously adopted a motion calling for merchants to greet their customers with only “Bonjour,” he answered me curtly that we are a bilingual province.

And this guy speaks French!

No offense to the Swedes, and to do like the Italians, I will continue to fight for my national language: French!