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Promotion: -33% on Asus 27-inch QHD Gaming PC Monitor with 170Hz Refresh Rate!

Promotion: -33% on Asus 27-inch QHD Gaming PC Monitor with 170Hz Refresh Rate!

good news Promotion: -33% on Asus 27-inch QHD Gaming PC Monitor with 170Hz Refresh Rate!

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A 33% discount is now available on the Asus 27-inch QHD gaming computer monitor with 170Hz resolution and a response time of just 1ms!

The Asus VG27AQ gaming computer monitor is available for 33% off at Amazon just after Christmas

Christmas has just ended, but it looks like Amazon forgot to raise their prices! Take advantage of this to save €130 on an Asus gaming PC monitor!

See VG27AQ at -33% at Amazon

The VG27AQ is actually €259.99 instead of €389, which is a 33% discount on this competition-ready monitor.

Asus VG27AQ: A QHD gaming PC monitor ideal for competitive gaming

Perfect features for gaming

To satisfy gamers, it is necessary to provide good numbers in two main characteristics: refresh rate, which is displayed in Hz, and response time, which is displayed in milliseconds.

Here, Asus has gone all out by offering 170Hz and a response time of just 1ms. Suffice it to say that this monitor is particularly suitable for the most competitive games where every moment can count.

In addition, you should know that this model is compatible with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, and even with VRR which allows it to eliminate stuttering and image tearing regardless of the brand of your graphics card.

What is the graphics card for this Asus VG27AQ?

Here we are on a 27-inch QHD display. This combination is ideal and will work with graphics cards like Nvidia's RTX 4070 or AMD's RX 7700 XT. Previous generation cards will also work perfectly. Although it is possible to go below the RTX 3070, we do not recommend it because you will then lose FPS in many games while having to forget about Ray Tracing.

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You can consider more powerful cards, such as the RTX 4080, if you are looking to play all games at maximum settings and enjoy high consumption of Ray Tracing technology.

For QHD gaming, the Asus VG27AQ is a very good model with a frequency of 170Hz and a response time of just 1ms.

See VG27AQ at -33% at Amazon

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