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A love letter to motorsport. Press Tests

Not far from blowing out the 25th candle, Gran Turismo brings us the seventh episode of the legendary license. The press seems to have taken this love letter to asphalt and speed. All information.

[Mis à jour le 4 mars 2022 à 11h14] With 25 years of experience, Gran Turismo has begun perfecting its business. Available from Friday, Gran Turismo 7 is an event edition that all motorsports and video game fans have been waiting for. Sony is offering the exclusive Roaring Engine, a chance for PS5 and PS4 owners to enjoy high-speed rides, courtesy of Polyphony Digital. A new element garnered by the press, which seems to have been conquered by the passion of the studio teams, despite the somewhat limited gameplay. Press test.

Press Tests

With an excellent 87/100 MetacriticGran Turismo 7 seems to deserve its place as an indispensable racing game. The critically acclaimed re-release of Polyphony Digital has made its mark, offering a fun and relatively classic experience while demonstrating its love for the motoring world through a wealth of educational and documentary content. Its only drawback? Due to Gran Turismo 7’s lack of ambition on the part of the game, the multi-generational edition has remained limited by the PS4’s technical specs. IGN Gives him a score of 90/100: “Blending the consistent format of GT gaming with GT Sport’s stoic focus on competitive online multiplayer, Gran Turismo 7 makes a few mistakes but remains a platform-worthy performance for developer Polyphony Digital.destructivethe respected American magazine gives it a fantastic 85/100 value:”Gran Turismo 7 isn’t a complete overhaul of the racing game’s formula, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Gran Turismo 7 State of Play

Gran Turismo 7 brings great technological innovations. Developed by Polyphony Digital, this new title shows us the exact work on car models down to the smallest detail. We also find mention of Ray-Tracing technology, which will provide a more realistic light to players with Playstation 5. It will be available in the game’s Replay mode and in Garage, the console’s performance does not allow it to do justice to justice. High framerates in the game and with ray tracing. It is indeed the most greedy graphics technology among recent innovations.

Whoever says racing game also says changing landscapes and dynamic weather. Gran Turismo 7 will not fish in this aspect because it will provide fully progressive weather effects, in order to immerse players in the advanced paths, where we can see the gradual formation of ponds for example. Sony has even talked about the effect the temperature and humidity of the air have on driving, to please fans of ultra-realistic simulation. Add to that the haptic responses of the PS5 consoles and you get a more realistic-than-life driving experience, if we are to believe the words of the Japanese giant.

Finally, the state of play focused on the “world map”, which is a menu feature that represents the entire world of Gran Turismo 7 and provides the player with an opportunity to move between the various activities available. Among them is the Museum, which will collect information and interactive content on the history of the various big names in motorsport, giving the opportunity for car and history buffs to satiate their thirst for knowledge. Alongside this, we will also find the café, a place where you can meet some of the most prominent personalities in the automotive world, for an immersive introduction to this prolific world.

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Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is a car racing simulation game. It combines several game modes that mainly focus on the acquisition, use and customization of vehicles. It includes a GT Simulation mode that includes the single-player campaign experience, as well as many features and assets that have marked the history of the franchise, such as tournaments, special events, driving school, circuits or again Tuning Garage. It will include high-quality graphics, especially in the design of the car, as well as dynamic weather. On the new side, there are certain Gran Turismo Sport modes, such as Brand Central or Discover mode. The game will also have a powerful photo mode.