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Post-election conspiracy in Georgia |  The Attorney General proposes August 5, 2024 for the opening of Trump’s trial

Post-election conspiracy in Georgia | The Attorney General proposes August 5, 2024 for the opening of Trump’s trial

(Washington) The public prosecutor investigating the case against Donald Trump in the US state of Georgia proposed on Friday that the trial of the former president and his 14 defendants would begin on August 5, 2024 on charges of illegal manipulation in order to cancel the 2020 elections. Election results.

Prosecutor Fanny Willis also requests, in this application addressed to Scott McAfee, Fulton County Judge in Atlanta, the capital of this southeastern state, who will have the final say, to set June 21 as the deadline for pleading guilty.

Steven Sadow, Donald Trump’s attorney in Georgia, responded that he opposes that date and asked the judge to set a hearing to hear arguments from both sides.

Four of the 19 defendants targeted in the August 14 indictment, particularly under Georgia’s organized gang crime law used by the prosecutor, have pleaded guilty. They were given reduced sentences without imprisonment in exchange for their testimony at the future trial of the other defendants.

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Donald Trump

MI Willis believes that the August 5 date will avoid interference with the scheduled federal trials of Donald Trump, in Washington on related charges, and in Florida, where he is accused of negligence in handling classified documents after leaving the White House. respectively from March 4 and May 20, 2024.

The prosecutor insists on trying the remaining fifteen defendants together, stressing that “the prosecution will consider the plea agreements until the deadline.” It warned that after this deadline, it would not provide plea agreements to the defendants and would systematically demand the maximum sentence.

MI Willis said this week in an interview with The Washington Post that he expects the trial to “last for months” and not be completed until late next year or early 2025.

Trump’s other defendants include his former personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and the last White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

All of them were released on bail, but the public prosecutor requested that this measure be canceled against one of them, Harrison Floyd, accusing him of “intimidating” witnesses, especially on social media. Judge McAfee will hear from both parties on November 21 during a hearing to which this defendant was summoned.

Donald Trump, the front-runner in the Republican primaries, denounced his legal problems as a lot of “election interference” instigated by the Democratic administration to exclude him from the race for the White House and demands that his trials not be held before the scheduled elections. For November 5, 2024.

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