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Podcast, Episode 16: Can We Slow Brain Aging?

Podcast, Episode 16: Can We Slow Brain Aging?

We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. David Fortin with whom we discussed the amazing complexity of the human brain, quite simply, because he is an excellent promoter! He is a neurosurgeon, neuro-oncologist and full professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Sherbrooke, where he directs the Brain Tumor Research Laboratory.

We discussed with him the factors of brain aging and the procedures that allow us to protect it and keep it as healthy as possible. If it's any reassurance, he mentioned that this recurring memory loss that many of us experience is common and can be frustrating, but in most cases it is normal, even in our 40s.

Dr. Fortin also discussed which cognitive disorders to watch for and signs to look for. He also addressed the question of whether there are differences between the brains of women and men and how these differences are expressed. Finally, the effects of divided attention on our brains are discussed.

Women Like You Episode 16: Can We Slow Brain Aging?

To listen to the audio version of this podcast episode, We meet here.

To learn more about the brain

In his last book, Brain seasonsIt divides the stages of the brain throughout life, and this view allows us to clearly understand the development from its growth to its decline. What I also appreciate in this book is that he shares some of the experiences he had and we can clearly feel his passion for his craft.

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For those who, like me, wish to better understand the workings of this extraordinary organ, Dr. Fortin's first book, The brain, the galaxy in your head, is more difficult to read, in my opinion, but also interesting and popular. Imagine, and I quote an excerpt from the book: “It is said that the number of neural connections in the brain is equal to the number of stars in our galaxy.”