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Pictures |  Two Quebecers grow the country's largest pumpkin

Pictures | Two Quebecers grow the country’s largest pumpkin

A Montenegrin father and daughter couldn’t believe their eyes when they learned that the 2006.5-pound giant pumpkin had just broken a Canadian record this month.

“When we saw his weight on the scale, I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t expect it. We’ve wanted a squash over a ton for years,” 22-year-old Kelsey Bryson told the newspaper.

Jim and Kelsey Bryson - Giant Pumpkin

photo courtesy

She and her father Jim, who lives about an hour from Montreal in the municipality of Urmstown, have been growing giant squash for over a decade.

Every fall, the duo head to the Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Contest in Woodbridge, Ontario. Kelsey Bryson says this year will be one to remember because of his record for the heaviest giant pumpkin in the country.

“It’s crazy knowing we have the first 2,000-pound pumpkin in Canada. Competition is increasingly fierce. A lot of people are interested in the giant pumpkin in Quebec. And the record weight of a pumpkin is getting bigger every year,” explains the young woman.

Kelsey and Jim Bryson used a weird method to get a giant pumpkin.

“Among other things, we put maple syrup into the soil. It surprises people, but it really helps with bacteria. My dad’s idea was to make the syrup, too,” Bryson says.

Jim and Kelsey Bryson - Giant Pumpkin

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Among her other secrets to getting a 2006 pumpkin, she says she never tilled the soil in her garden.

The Bryson family now wants to break a world record. The latter was made in Italy this month from a gourd weighing 2,702 pounds, according to Guinness World Records.

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“I’m only close to 700 pounds,” Kelsey Bryson said with a chuckle.

Jim and Kelsey Bryson - Giant Pumpkin

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