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Pictures | The tallest penthouse on earth is for sale for $250 million

Nearly half a mile in the air, the penthouse that crowns the tallest residential tower on Earth in New York City is up for sale for $250 million USD.

Its 23 rooms, including seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a ballroom, and an observatory, are spread across 17,545 square feet and three floors overlooking Central Park.

In the Grand Salon, newly arrived guests will be able to contemplate the horizon and even the curvature of the earth, barely obstructed by downtown New York this hike.

The formal dining room, whose sumptuous marble table can seat a dozen guests, overlooks the Empire State Building. It’s just a taste of the highest rated private ballroom on the planet.

To finish off the evening, there’s a pool for guests to take a dip in the middle of the night, though it’s not too far out of sight.

The next morning, for a family lunch, a second, more intimate, dining room was planned, this one.

To recover from a drunken evening, the training room will allow the buyer to get up at their own pace.

Although to keep fit, it is enough to avoid the elevator that connects the three floors of the apartment and to choose the staircase, which is about 12 meters long.

Finally, for quieter evenings, the observatory is equipped with a telescope and is perfect for a bit of astronomy away from light pollution.

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