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Philip Hronik and Red Wings agree to a 3-year contract

Philip Hronik and Red Wings agree to a 3-year contract

The end of summer is approaching and we should learn many contract renewals in the NHL over the next few weeks. In fact, at this time of year, a large portion of free agents with restrictions come with agreements with their own teams.

Today, 23-year-old right-back Philip Hronick will sign a new contract with the Detroit Red Wings.

Hronek, which was coined in 2NS Tour in the 2016 draft, a regular member of the Red Wings defense. Last season, he participated in 56 matches of his own. Not only that, but he took first place in the team’s top scorer in all positions with 26 points, including 24 assists.

Few players have been able to stand out in the Wings outfit in recent years. The team is undergoing a complete rebuilding process and loses more matches than wins. However, Hronek managed to cut a good character and show consistent progress. He, along with Moritz Seider, the team’s first choice in 2019, and Simon Edvinson, the team’s first choice in 2021, is the future of Blue Line coaching.

A little later today, we learned that the deal value would be 4.4 million per season.

Hronek’s signing is just the first of many expected to happen in the coming weeks. So far, Queen Hughes, Elias Peterson, Brady Tkachuk, Rasmus Dahlin and many others are still without contracts for next season. This is unlikely to be the case again when it’s time to jump on the ice.

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