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Patricia Paquin reveals shocking details behind the scenes of the snake challenge in the movie Get Me Out of Here!

Patricia Paquin reveals shocking details behind the scenes of the snake challenge in the movie Get Me Out of Here!

After broadcast Get me out of here!, Patricia Paquin provided disturbing details, to say the least, of what happened once the cameras were turned off, following her challenge with the snakes.

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If you're listening to Get me out of here! Last night, there's a good chance you were still thinking about Patricia Paquin's challenge. For those who have not seen it, you should know that the host was sitting in a tank. Philip Laprise And Sophie Durocher I had to run tests to make sure the water stopped rising… so the snakes wouldn't climb into Patricia's face.

Watch the moment here:

So, the day after the episode aired, she wanted to give extra behind-the-scenes privilege, by recounting what happened once filming was over.

This Monday, March 11, at the microphone of his show Girls lunch to Rhythm FMthe one who recently said goodbye to her home, only to learn that once the challenge was over, there were still snakes… under her dress!

The team on site had to intervene to remove not one, but two of the reptiles from under the evening dress.

“When you look at my photo on Instagram, you'll understand. You can see, if you zoom in, that they want to be under my arms, because I have wide sleeves. I had two snakes around my waist. I almost died,” she explained to her co-host, Marie-Eve Janvierwhich let out cries of disgust.

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Patricia went further with the secrets by saying that even though the filming took place a while ago, she still suffers from the after-effects.

She explained over her show's microphone that this summer, while she was running, she came across a snake, which automatically returned her to the state she was in in the tank.

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