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Part of Tuzen Street will be transformed into green space

Part of Tuzen Street will be transformed into green space

To reduce the risk of landslides along the Mystasepe River, part of Tuzen Street, in the Mystaceni sector, will be converted into a green space.

This decision follows a report issued by the Ministry of Transport at the request of Civil Security in 2021. A erosion phenomenon has been reported over the years in the part of Tuzen Street between Heber Street and Des Schott Streets, which poses certain risks. The place consists of a steep slope leading to the Mistasipi River below.

“Although these deformations seem to develop gradually, it is possible for a large mass of backfill soil to slide suddenly at the report site, especially in the spring period or after heavy rains,” the management recommendations report highlights.

Expensive solution

It has been recognized that the municipal infrastructures themselves are in question as they cause runoff which enhances the flow of water through the dam. Solutions existed, but costs were rising rapidly.

“Several things had to be done to rectify the situation, and we ended up with a project that turned out to be very expensive. At the same time, we got out of our minds about parks and green spaces and active mobility, so the idea came to say why not make it a green space,” explains Christine Sauvageau, Downtown Communications and Relationship Consultant. . Dolpo Mystacini.

The $341,000 work to redirect rainwater, remove part of the street and turn it into a green space with street furniture, sidewalks and vegetation, is half the cost.

“It seemed to us to be a win-win solution. Yes, it will involve traffic changes, but it will benefit the citizens, it will be less expensive and it will also comply with our guidelines.”

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