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Parhelia – auditory canal

Parhelia – auditory canal

Completely sublime There is a bold proposal at the beginning of 2024 to release a two-part album. After releaseWhiteness Last February, the group consisting of multi-instrumentalists Marc-Antoine Barbier (Choses Sauvages), Elie Raymond (Foreign Diplomats, Frais Dispo), and recently added by Thomas Bruno Faubert (Foreign Diplomats, Frais Dispo), was put online in April Part The second of this ambitious project is entitled Parhelia.

From the same improvised performances in front of an audience, e.gWhiteness (See our review ofWhiteness To learn more), Parhelia It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but at the same time develops its own identity. If the first part of the project let the light seep through the veil of gloom that stretches over the music Completely sublime, Parhelia It asserts itself as the darker side of the project, less pop, more ambient, and more experimental.

Like its predecessor, the album starts off with a bang with a very rhythmic title Secret Mountain and Artifact. Pop tunes abound Whiteness Here it gives way to rocky rhythmic sounds that contrast with long synth tones. Thus we plunge into a rather gloomy world, which is reminiscent of the John Hopkins period immunity.

However, this strong start does not set the tone, because Parhelia It is generally meant to be stripped down. This is especially true on From the first to the fourththe second piece of the album, where the guitar chords are almost played without the rhythm dominating, or even playing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).a piece revolving around two superimposed saxophone sections, played almost without accompaniment.

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power Parhelia But it lies in its moments when the melodies come back strong. The simplicity of the arrangements and Eli Raymond's restrained interpretation allow to give the impression of closeness, even intimacy, sometimes charged with sensuality. This is especially the case on Joys everywhere. The chorus goes like this:

Water rotates in its opposites
Fidgeting alone
Because she counts her peers
On his fingers

Joys everywhere

Like on WhitenessThus, the environmental theme remains omnipresent Parhelia. This is particularly evident in the texts of Dominique Rivard, the multidisciplinary author and artist, who lent her pen to the project, but not only that.

Between experimentation and simplicity, between intimacy and sensuality, we have the impression of pushing the already existing contemplation a little further. Whitenessto the point of becoming one with nature. Parhelia Thus, you impressively complete the journey you started Whiteness.

If anything the formula turns out to be less effective when it veers into kitsch, as it does today Plankton and snow caps in Greenland and the tropicsIn the end, the whole project proved to have great conceptual strength. Featuring very beautiful melodies and original vocal compositions, it is eclectic, mixing atmospheric music, vocal experimentation, pop melodies and even some shots of techno mix.