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Opposite Skylight – Australia – A-League Men 2023/24: Current Standings

In a weekend marked by four draws from six matches, the rare winners obviously hit some good shots.

After a maddening midweek win against Western United in midweek, Damian da Silva gave himself a stoppage-time double to turn around a poor start. scored in the league and ended a six-game winless streak, Tony Popovic thought “anything is possible in this group.” However, he couldn't have imagined that his boys would finish against nine matches Marines This Sunday. Above all, the Australian technician was furious with center umpire Tim Tanaskos, who sent off Jordi Valadan (90).e): “It's hard for me to understand because Jordi is not the last man.”. Ten minutes earlier, his defender Roderick Miranda was also sent to the locker room. Central Coast Ryan Teague's own goal secured his first win at AAMI Park Melbourne win. The score could have been 2-0 but Josh Nisbet missed the inevitable against an empty net in second-half stoppage time. This allows success Central Coast Walked away from the win and finished second to approach the leader above all else.

A leader competing this weekend in a long-distance derby against Perth, traveling five time zones less: “Travel is hard. If we had gone home and come back, I think we would have been in a mess., said Giancarlo Italiano. After the victory against MacArthur, 'Nix remained in Australia, but these logistics proved ineffective and Wellington had to settle for a point. A point for Brisbane Roar looking to celebrate 250e With Jack Hingert's club, but especially in the match against Western United, he had to come back twice, scoring first in the last two matches. “I like the character and spirit of the team and the way we progress” Satkovich said. It remains to be seen if the Roar can now secure the play-offs on four points. For his part, John Alosi feels the season is over. Fifteen points from sixth place, one win from five games, hardly convinced anyone of a miraculous turnaround from the club from Melbourne's western suburbs.

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poor mechanics, Newcastle And Adelaide They know it too. Five matches without a win and one during the meet Jets Chasing the score against Bulls, thus saving a point in the thread that does not allow progress. Removed from his continental campaign during the week, MacArthur He thought about bouncing back from last weekend's loss vs Wellington. The Sydney club were less enthusiastic, but more realistic about the opposition's goal, Robbie Stanton, the coach, noted. Newcastle : “We had chances, but we didn't know how to exploit them, and that's what made the difference. » Penalty scorer, Apostolos Stamadelopoulos took his total to fourteen and became the top scorer in the Championship. Also a scorer, Valère Germain is three lengths behind the Jets striker. However Newcastle Eight points behind in the points table Play-offs. For his part, Adelaide United At worst, one of the best games of the season was the first to suffer Wanderers. Like Nicolas Milanovic's two goals, with one header, through two almost identical situations. Jean-Paul de Marigny, Marco Rudan's assistant, praised his players in a press conference for the quality of the first act: “We felt that if we could get into the final third of the pitch and make forward runs we could cause a lot of problems and we did a good job of that in the first half.”. But the Wanderers Sleeping and scaring each other, Adelaide Luka Jovanovic showed himself to be very dangerous despite being reduced to ten until he found the net. The Red While suffering four defeats in five matches Wanderers Five points ahead City of MelbourneIneligible in the first place Play-offs.

of Citizens At the start of the season, events piled up that no one could have imagined. Just one win in seven matches, Jamie McClaren kept quiet after not scoring in eight matches and Marco DiLeo recovered. Celtic The face plays the role of a savior Sydney F.C. “He hasn't played in six months, he needs rhythm” Aurelio Vidmar said, but his player got a point after playing seventy minutes last week City of Melbourne. Widmer hasn't found the key to overcoming this particularly bad patch, which tarnishes his personal best on the bench with a 31.58% success rate. For his part, Ufuk Tale has high ambitions sky blues, But attacking ineptitude was costly and Sydney qualified at the last moment Play-offs. Hanging by a thread.

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