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OpenAI unveils Sora, a hyper-realistic video generator

OpenAI unveils Sora, a hyper-realistic video generator

The publisher of ChatGPT chatbot and DALL-E image generator, OpenAI, has unveiled a new tool called Sora, capable of creating hyper-realistic videos that can last up to a minute, using a simple text command, a major innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

This new platform is still being tested, but that doesn't stop the California startup from showing it off in some videos.

The program can create videos up to one minute long While maintaining visual quality and respecting user requestOpenAI said on its website.

[Sora peut] Create complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of movements, and fine details.

In addition to text, the tool can also create a video from a still image, or even expand existing videos.

Offered to a limited number of people

Sam Altman, head of OpenAI, made the announcement on the social network Provides a limited number of creators with access to this new toolas part of the pilot phase.