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No one lost their French by turning their oven into a barbecue.

No one lost their French by turning their oven into a barbecue.

At the beginning of the week, we learned that home appliance manufacturers threatened to stop offering their goods on Quebec territory due to the obligation to put in terms such as “warm area»“,”Begins” And ““high low” on their devices.

This new requirement went somewhat unnoticed when the CAQ government introduced its reform of Law 101. It is a restriction that manufacturers will have to meet by 1any June 2025.

Let's hope the government changes its mind by then, because this is absolutely ridiculous. This measure will in no way slow the decline of the French language nor will it help non-French speakers learn Molière's language.

  • Listen to the political interview with Yasmine Abdel Fadil and Marc-Andre Leclerc via QUB :
French dip

Yes, there is a decline in the French language in Quebec. Yes, we must take measures to protect our language, especially in the greater Montreal area.

But attacking our oven, washer, and dryer is clearly misplaced ideology. In Quebec, everyone understands what's famous On/off On our devices.

Moreover, no one became annoyed after placing their pizza barbeque. So why waste your time and ask for a requirement that Quebec consumers don't have?

Also, who will have to foot the bill for changes required by manufacturers?

Unfortunately, it will be us, the poor consumers, who will probably have to pay an extra $100 or $200 per machine just to have the pleasure of putting our load of whites through the delicate cycle instead of… sensitive.

Other cases

Typing in English on our home devices was never a problem in Quebec. However, there are many issues nowadays, and our government does not have time to be idle.

It is time for the CAQ government to mind real business, and the latest budget shows us that the task will be enormous.