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NFL: Russell Wilson has been threatened with being 'benched' if he doesn't want to modify the guarantee

NFL: Russell Wilson has been threatened with being 'benched' if he doesn't want to modify the guarantee

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Russell Wilson said that in the days following the Denver Broncos' first win over the Kansas City Chiefs since 2015, team officials contacted him about adjusting the guaranteed salary in his contract, and that if he refused, he would be “blocked for the rest of the year.”

Wilson will lose the starting job to Jarrett Stidham for Sunday's home game against the Los Angeles Chargers, coach Sean Payton announced Wednesday. Payton said the decision was based strictly on “winning” and “getting the team attacking.”

Wilson also has the opportunity to apply to the Broncos to provide a guarantee for their son's salary and 242.6 M$ that will be signed in 2022. This contract will be paid in the middle of the year – so that it can be safely secured. The touch is 39 M$ guaranteed until 2024, it will be available on the equipment or other – until 37 M$ (on sale in 2025) so it will not pass a physical test before the next year in the new league. Mars.

Sources close to the team said Denver hopes to adjust the timeline for this guarantee.

Wilson said Friday that team officials told him “Monday or Tuesday” after the Broncos' Oct. 29 win over the Chiefs that they would bench him if he didn't modify that $37 million guarantee.

“They made it clear to me that I was going to sit on the bench all year,” Wilson said. The whole bye week (in Week 9), I didn't know what was going to happen. I was going to be ready to play, and I wanted to beat the Bills (Nov. 13). I wasn't going to give up the injury guarantee, it's a physical sport I played for 12 seasons. »

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“I wanted to be able to play, and I wanted to help this team win. I know that every time I step on the field, it's a physical sport. I never play timidly; I never play afraid. »

The Broncos were 3-5 after beating the Chiefs and an injury to Wilson in the final nine games of the season could have led to a guarantee if the injury was serious enough to cause him to fail a physical in March. Wilson said the NFL and players union “engaged” and he remained the starter for the Broncos, who posted victories over the Bills, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns in the following weeks.

But with losses in the last four games, including Sunday against the New England Patriots, after which Payton publicly criticized the offense, Wilson was officially benched.

After Friday's practice, Payton continued to insist that the move was intended to “win” and that he was “unaware” of the discussions surrounding Wilson being sidelined due to his contractual status. He pointed to General Manager George Patton and President Greg Penner.

“I'm not privy to those discussions, I deal with the football side of things,” Payton said on Friday.

“This is something that concerns George and the management, I'm not involved at that level. I'm certainly involved in many aspects and there will be a time and place after the season where some of your questions may be answered by someone else who is able to answer them.”

He added: “I know what is written, but this decision is only intended to give us the best chance of getting our 8th win in my opinion. This is a difficult decision… there would be no other reason. »

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Wilson said he hopes to stay with the Broncos in the future, but admitted he has considered the option of not having a future in Denver.

“I hope he's here (my future), and I hope he's here for a long time. I hope we win more Hall of Fame awards and win more championships. If he's not here, I'd be prepared for him to be somewhere else, but I hope he's here,” he added. “I really mean it, I brought my family here.”