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News has been revealed regarding the future of Chanteurs Masqués

News has been revealed regarding the future of Chanteurs Masqués

Lovers of amazing and captivating shows Masked singers We can rejoice: The beloved show has officially gotten the green light for a fourth season on TVA, promising more mystery and captivating entertainment.

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Yes, the news was announced with excitement on Sunday, November 19, and despite waiting for its renewal, we can confidently say that the enthusiasm for this amazing show is not waning.

TVA recorded exceptionally high audience ratings for this brilliantly hosted variety show Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge, confirming its undeniable status as a public favourite. In fact, every Sunday evening, nearly two million viewers remain loyal to the event, ensuring the long-awaited return. Masked singers On your screens in fall 2024.

At present, details regarding the formation of the investigative judges’ panel remain confidential. However, hope remains of seeing again Anouk Meunier, Veronique Dekker, Sam Britton And Stefan Russowho definitely know how to bring their experience and charisma to the show.

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