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News from Marc Bergevin: “There are no hard feelings towards anyone,” says Paul Wilson.

News from Marc Bergevin: “There are no hard feelings towards anyone,” says Paul Wilson.

There is still a certain amount of mystery regarding the firing of Marc Bergevin by the Montreal Canadiens, but his good friend Paul Wilson confirms that the former general manager is doing well.

The former Habs manager is now assistant GM Rob Blake with the Los Angeles Kings. He travels a lot and meets a lot of people. Wilson, a former vice president of CH Group, speaks to him several times a month.

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He explained Wednesday on the “JiC” program, on TVA Sports, that Bergevin dealt well with his dismissal and the adversity he endured.

“Ex-CEOs are a special kind of idiot. They've been through this their whole lives. […] Granted, when that happens, your self-esteem will suffer a little, but Mark went beyond that. He has no grudge against anyone. “He's in Los Angeles, and he's very happy,” explained Wilson, who now works at the National with Andrew Molson.

He also believes Canadians have had “the wind in their sails” lately, despite the reconstruction. GM Kent Hughes and Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Gorton are doing well according to him.

“I think they're doing a good job. Now that Montreal is the way it is, and having experienced it from the inside, people are definitely going to be patient. There's a bit of a honeymoon that I think will extend a little bit, which is very true,” Wilson believes. But fans will demand results at some point.

“The reconstruction process does not necessarily take place in three years. It may take five. I think the Canadian club management is taking the right measures, but there will come a time when it will be more difficult.

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