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New kitchen space for But in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

New kitchen space for But in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

for seven years, But stock up in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire Kitchens are no longer sold. “There was a shortage, and customers were demanding,” says Cyril Hussenot, the supermarket's manager. In recent days, the error has been corrected since the brand specialized in furniture and home appliances once again has a space entirely dedicated to the kitchen: “To allow its creation, we renovated part of the store and reworked the ray-laying process. It also allowed us to develop a product offer More in line with current requirements.”

On the kitchen side, customers can discover a showroom presenting nine models that sum up what the brand has to offer.

“Our wide range of products allows us to offer kitchens in all styles and for all budgets thanks to very advantageous financing offers. Everyone can have a kitchen however!

To better respond to the environment and our customers' desires, our kitchens are 100% customizable.

Finally, we work with the biggest home and health appliance brands to offer the widest range of products at excellent value for money.

A project built in partnership with the client

One of the store's strengths is adapting to all requests in order to offer a ready-made product. “Each project is developed and built in partnership with our customers before a local brand-certified craftsman takes over the installation if desired! Throughout the entire project, the customer will be able to rely on a single point of contact who will follow up on the work from start to finish.
To celebrate the opening of this new space, the store will be counting on open houses to be held From April 17 to May 20 To launch an exceptional offer:A 30% discount will be offered on selected kitchens and installation will be free* »Cyril Huscenot is delighted to specify that promotions will also be available on large household appliances… the opportunity to completely equip your new kitchen.

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Renting is another solution

At a time when the purchasing power of families is under pressure. Mark but She decided to ease her family's expenses by offering a long-term rental with a 48, 60 or 72-month contract.

As for his car It is now possible to rent your own bedding, your armchairs or living room chairs, your convertible, and even your TV.. “This system has advantages, because it allows you to change the decor of your home regularly, and always have new furniture and things that are on the cutting edge of technology.”

*See in-store conditions

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Avenue André-Georges Voisin in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

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