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Floros: The former communal hall in Lampesart has become a "space for citizens"

Floros: The former communal hall in Lampesart has become a “space for citizens”

The traditional Ducasse de Lambusart, a few days ago, at the start of the new school year, had an extra aspect this year: the launch of the festive event served as the context for the reopening of the old salon. Which began renovation work in 2017 and took nearly 1,800 days. In the end, nearly 700,000 euros were invested in this project. The building has now been renovated from top to bottom, in particular, with separate access to the common room and offices, as well as better organization of kitchens and access to the redesigned PMR.

The final touch of the renovation is more symbolic but underlies the entire project: a sign on the facade announces in white and red that the former communal lounge has been renamed Espace Citoyen. It is the first of its kind on the territory of Floros, but the municipal authority does not hide it: the project remains to develop and better equip the network of municipal halls, both in Floros and in its villages. Quickly, similar projects will be created to transform the town halls and pavilions of Brye and Wangenies into new spaces for citizens. The City takes this opportunity to remind you that rental of all rooms, for group or family events, is possible on 071/82 03 04.

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