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Ned Brockman ran across Australia

Ned Brockman ran across Australia

3953 kilometers in 46 days. Australian runner Ned Brockman received a hero’s welcome at Bondi Beach in Sydney (Australia) on Monday. Leaving Cottesloe Beach on 1 September, Brockmann traveled west to east across Australia to raise awareness and help the homeless. “I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this project, said the 23-year-old after crossing the finish line. Now I am tired and going to rest at home. »

Charitable Society We mobilize, helping the poor, Brockmann joined the project to collect donations throughout the trip. In the first ten days, The Australian raised $500,000. When he arrived at Bondi Beach, the prize pool was $1.8 million, and it’s still going strong. If we can reach 2 million, that would be incredible.Brockman added.

A fan of long-term challenges

Although his achievement resonated across the country, Brockman was not his first venture. In 2020, he completed 50 marathons in 50 days to raise $100,000 for the Australian Red Cross. Each of its challenges benefit charities. “When you know that people owe you thousands or millions of dollars, you put the pain aside”, recognizes the young athlete. The effort to complete the adventure exceeds the limits of the human body. At the end of this feat, Ned Brockman had to rest for 50 days without any physical activity.

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A few days after making an impression on his compatriots by running over 3,000 kilometers, petitions are circulating for Ned Brockman to be selected. “Australian of the Year 2023”. Another challenge.