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Music to affect the morale of pigs

Music to affect the morale of pigs

Scientists are conducting a study on music in Belgian pigs that can affect the morale of pigs.

“There is definitely a specific sound that affects animal behaviour,” study coordinator Sander Balance told CTV News. It’s a serious possibility that music will have the same effect.”

Pig farmer Pete Bismans alerted scientists after seeing his ten-year-old son singing in the barn.

“I immediately saw the pigs’ ears clenching,” said the breeder. I thought it was a great opportunity to seize it.”

The manager in question claims that his animals do not like rock music. He says Jolly Dance songs are popular with pigs.

If music can influence the behavior of animals, it will be possible to put them in ideal conditions to reduce their stress. This would have the effect of improving the quality of the meat.

The scientists were able to start the study after raising nearly $100,000.

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