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MP suspended for intimidation and sexual abuse

MP suspended for intimidation and sexual abuse

Conservative British MP Peter Bone. ISABEL INFANTES / AFP

British Conservative MP Peter Bone was suspended from the House of Commons for six weeks on Wednesday after he was accused of bullying and sexually abusing a former parliamentary aide. Its suspension would lead to new by-elections in the United Kingdom, days after a double setback for the anti-Labour Conservatives, who are widely supported for general elections scheduled for the end of 2024.

Peter Bohn, who sat with conservatives, said, “Several acts of intimidation and one act of sexual misconduct» against his former parliamentary aide in 2012 and 2013, an independent expert panel of parliament assessed in a report published in early October. The 70-year-old elected official, who was removed from his parliamentary caucus last week, denounced the allegations “lie“and”baseless“.

“Verbal abused and humiliated”

According to the conclusions of the parliamentary experts, Peter Bohn “Belittled, ridiculed, abused and verbally abused» His former collaborator,He hit again and again”, and exposed herself to him in the bathroom of a hotel room during a trip to Madrid. If enough voters in his constituency of Wellingborough (central England) demand it, the elected Conservative, Eurosceptic and staunch defender of Brexit’s seat will be up for re-election in a by-election.

Like Tamworth and Mid-Bedforshire, which were won by Labor last week, Northamptonshire is considered a Conservative stronghold, where Peter Bone has been elected since 2005. However, that could turn out to be in favor of Labor, which in polls for the dual-legislative election has a point lead over Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s conservatives. In an interview with the BBC, a former parliamentary aide to Peter Bone, whose identity has not been released, said, “A brutal, brutal and dark experience“, who left him”An empty shellHe also alleged that the Conservative Party had ignored his allegations for years, even though he had complained in 2017.

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