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More problems with a former MegaSecur employee

More problems with a former MegaSecur employee

It's clear that MegaSecur has not reached the end of its problems with its former employees. After someone is accused of stealing $727,400, a Victoriaville company demands $167,720 from its former company. Assistant sales managerwho allegedly paid excessive commissions.

According to the damages application filed in Victoriaville court on January 24, the company “would have paid more in commissions than it should have paid.” [car] The account he uses [directeur adjoint des ventes] He did not abide by what was stipulated in his employment contract.

However, according to the court document, “he would collect commissions […] Using a company credit card without authorization.

MegaSecur, which specializes in flood control, appointed its director in August 2020.

A commission for something that never happened

In July 2023, he allegedly offered the customer a deep discount in order to close the sale and quickly receive a $10,000 commission.

“However, in reality, it turns out that this order was never filed,” notes the preliminary application.

Also in July, an assistant sales manager left the company.

Official notices without response

Last November, MegaSecur sent its first official notice to its former employee demanding $25,000.

This official notice remained on paper.

She sent a second letter in December, but it remained unanswered.

We read in the application: “He refuses or neglects to pay any amount whatsoever to the company.”

$727,400 theft charge

Last December, revealed that a former employee, Karen Tremblay, was facing three charges, including stealing $727,400 from MegaSecur.

She allegedly used the company's credit card for personal purposes and created an account with a fake provider to which she transferred funds.

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The alleged acts allegedly occurred between December 2020 and August 2023.

His case is scheduled to return to court on March 25.

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