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Montreal: Hernán Losada ends the Samuel Peet incident and eases expectations

Montreal: Hernán Losada ends the Samuel Peet incident and eases expectations

Hernan Losada was keen not to inflame the controversy that has rocked the Montreal club since the departure of captain Samuel Peet after the heavy loss to Atlanta United last Saturday, in addition to moderating expectations regarding being in the playoffs.

In the press conference at the same time, the chef-entrepreneur does not have the right to move on to the nearby areas of the Quebec terrain that are notified of the term of the match between the same person and his partners “it has a similar location.” in the field. Especially defensively. This feedback was then viewed as an arrow in the direction of the group of coaches.

However, Piet admitted on Tuesday that his comments may have seemed “severe” and then stated that he had “set the record straight” with Losada as well as vice president and head of sports Olivier Renard. At this time, the topic appears permanently closed.

“Don’t depend on me to use the media [afin de régler un différend avec un joueur]“I have had a lot of one-on-one meetings in the past with important players like Rudy,” warned Losada [Camacho] And Victor [Wanyama]But these are things that have always remained internal.

“The most important thing is to talk. We must be able to express our opinion and remain very honest with each other. This is the best way forward. We can argue, but in the end we are all together. I repeat: I will never use the media as a solution…”

Speaking of honesty, the Argentine technician will not consider exclusion from the qualifiers as a failure. Montreal currently ranks eighth in the Eastern League with 37 points, competing with New York City FC (37 points), DC United (36), New York Red Bulls (34), Chicago (34), and Charlotte (33). ) as well as Inter Miami (32). With only four games remaining, the Montrealers’ fate is in their own hands.

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“We don’t feel any pressure because no one thought we could reach the playoffs. No one imagined us there except ourselves,” said Losada. “The pressure is on these clubs that have invested millions to become champions. At the end of the season, we will be able to say that we delivered.” “Everything. We will be happy with the season we just had.”

A dissenting opinion is from midfielder Bryce Duke, who said the playoffs had been a “goal” since he joined the club in April. The American agreed, saying: “The matter is in our hands.” We know it won’t be easy, but on the other hand, it’s very exciting. »

Facing Orlando on Saturday night, Montreal will find a team that isn’t necessarily brilliant offensively, but nonetheless has tremendous overall quality. Led by Facundo Torres, Martín Ojeda and Mauricio Pereira, they are in second place in the East.

The men in purple have been particularly difficult at home for several months, given their last defeat to their own team dates back to April 22nd. Since then, they have a 6-0-4 record. Conversely, Montreal has only managed a meager two away wins this season.

“All matches are difficult, especially those away from home. This is not only for us, but for many other teams in this league,” Losada pointed out. “The trend is to collect the majority of points at home and then avoid losing too many points on the road.” You just have to stay focused.

“But I think we can get points in Orlando,” he concluded optimistically.

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Losada gave some clues as to the identity of his starting lineup on Saturday night, but noted that several players within the squad are currently ill, including Quebec forward Jules-Anthony Vilcent. After being left out against Atalanta, Honduran international Rommel Quioto is likely to get some minutes on Saturday.