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Monkle Richard talks about the poor to the little rabbits

Monkle Richard talks about the poor to the little rabbits

Hello little bunnies! It’s Uncle Richard!

How are you? Have you been insulted in the past few days?

If you don’t mind, Uncle Richard would like to continue the history lesson.

Today I would like to talk to you about a group of people about whom we talked a lot when you were young, but who are now completely forgotten, among other things, because you insist on erasing them: the poor.

We erase the poor!

Just as gender theory replaces women with cut, trans people, and “people with wombs,” so the wokie, dear little bunnies, have replaced the poor with “black, indigenous, gay, and transgender people.”

They are now darlings left.

Before that, when we wanted to denounce the brutality of the system, we showed a proletarian, a worker.

Today, a member of the “minority” appears.

what is the difference? basic.

The worker had no gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

We didn’t care what was between his thighs, what he was doing in his bed or in front of whatever statue he was kneeling.

The only thing that mattered was his social status.

You worked in a factory with a starvation salary and your boss took advantage of you?

Do you live in a slum or HLM?

Bingo, your left defend!

It couldn’t be more complicated than that!

I know it’s hard to believe, little bunnies, but back then, there were poor white, French-speaking, heterosexual people!

Yes yes I swear!

Straight white men weren’t all rich! They weren’t all considered bastards! Bad people!

And wait, you didn’t read anything: there were even poor people born here! in Quebec! And who had Quebec ancestors!

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It’s crazy, isn’t it?

You didn’t have to be an immigrant, black, transgender, Muslim or Indigenous for the left to stand up for you back then!

But when little Charles sang, I’m talking to you about a time when people under 20 (or 30 or even 40) didn’t know…

Giant trolley

Previously, there was the so-called “class struggle”.

No, no, it wasn’t the ranks that clashed on TV, that was it Budding geniuses or Saturday heroes!

I am talking here about the conflict between workers and employers! The poor and the rich! Those who earn their living by renting out their labor power and who own the means of production!

Karl Marx wrote: “The history of any society to this day has been nothing but the history of the class struggle.”

Poor Carl was freaking out looking at today’s society!

Because the class struggle has been relegated to the dustbin of history! Like the giant skeleton Beaupre!

Even the left does not care about the class struggle now!

There are no more proletarians, workers or exploiters. There are only members of minorities, that’s all.

You little bunnies call it “progress.”

I call this nonsense.