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MMI’s Symani® Robotic Surgical System exceeds 500 clinical procedures

MMI’s Symani® Robotic Surgical System exceeds 500 clinical procedures

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MMIMedical Microinstruments, Inc., a robotics company dedicated to expanding treatment options and improving clinical outcomes for patients with complex conditions, today announced it has successfully completed more than 500 surgical procedures on humans using Symani.® Surgical system in the European Union. The Symani Surgical System is the first robotic technology of its kind that uniquely addresses the volume and complexity of microsurgery and microsurgery. This system aims to restore quality of life to the largest possible number of patients, increase the number of surgeons able to go beyond the limits of complex procedures in precise anatomy, and allow hospitals to expand their open surgery programs.

Today, millions of patients with complex diseases do not have access to potential treatments that improve outcomes, due to human physical limitations on the scope of microsurgery and the shortage of specialists capable of performing surgical interventions on small and delicate anatomical anatomy. Symani Surgical System is ready to provide just that. It is a robotic platform that helps expand possibilities for patients who require open soft tissue surgical procedures, such as free flap reconstruction, lymphatic surgery, trauma reconstruction, nerve regeneration, and peripheral devices. Since the first human cases appeared in October 2020, the system has been used in more than 500 procedures, rapidly increasing patient access to potential surgical treatments as surgeons become more familiar with the technology.

“We are convinced that open surgery should have benefited from technological advances a long time ago. This major milestone for the Symani Surgical System demonstrates how robots can raise the level of care by pushing the boundaries of complexity,” said Mark Toland, CEO of MMI. “Those with difficult-to-treat conditions deserve treatment options that can provide them with a better quality of life, and we hope to advance this initiative by expanding access to microsurgical and super-microsurgical procedures.”

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The unique capabilities of the Symani Surgical System in open microsurgery are due to its exclusive NanoWrist instruments®, which features the world’s smallest surgical robotic wrist. This allows surgeons to replicate the natural movements of the human hand on a microscopic scale with seven degrees of freedom, filtering out jitter and measuring motion, increasing precision and control.

The 500The procedure was lymphatic regeneration performed by Senika Suominen, MD, a plastic surgeon at HUS University Hospital in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki University Hospital is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe and is also a European and international reference center for microsurgery. In 2023, it ranked 39th on the list I compiled Newsweek Subordinate The best hospitals in the world. Of the 500 operations performed to date, approximately 75% were free surgeries and 16% were lymphatic regenerations. The remaining 9% represents other procedures such as peripheral nerve regeneration and limb replantations.

“Our hospital uses the Symani Surgical System for several types of procedures, such as lymphatic regeneration and reconstructive surgery related to head and neck cancer, and I have seen remarkable changes in the accuracy, stability and reliability of placing sutures during lymphatic procedures. – These are surgical procedures that improve the quality of Life support allows patients to return to work or simply resume their normal daily activities. At its worst, lymphedema is a debilitating disease, and advanced microsurgical procedures can give patients hope for a better quality of life. I am proud to have successfully completed this important procedure and look forward to more opportunities to help patients with open and robotic microsurgery.

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To learn more about MMI, visit the website

About MMI

The mission of MMI (Medical Microinstruments, Inc.) is to develop robotic technology that pushes the boundaries of open soft tissue surgery and opens new possibilities for surgeons to restore quality of life to as many patients with complex diseases as possible. Founded in 2015 near Pisa, Italy, its proprietary Symani® Surgical System combines the world’s smallest wrist-based precision instruments with tremor reduction and motion measurement technologies to address important unmet needs of patients around the world. This robotic surgical platform, the first of its kind for open soft tissue microsurgery, can contribute to microvascular regeneration, lymphatic system regeneration, and peripheral nerve regeneration. The Symani system is CE marked for commercial use in Europe. In the United States, the system has not been approved or permitted for commercial use. MMI is backed by international medtech investors, including Indira Partners, Biostar, Deerfield Management, Fountain Healthcare Partners, Panakis Partners, and RA Capital, Sampatek, and Wellington Partners.

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