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The Forum of Associations was moved to the Lyon-Verignol region

The Forum of Associations was moved to the Lyon-Verignol region

Saturday 30 September, from 2 pm to 6 pm, a large number of Nîmes associations will present their activities to the public, during the Forum of Pissevin Associations, not in Place Debussy, as initially planned, but in the space of Léon Vernoul for security reasons. An alternative solution was reached last Friday by the city and the social project of the Besivan region, which angered the Mille Couleurs Social Centre, one of the main organizers and facilitators, and which therefore chose not to participate in this meeting. Presentation for years in the heart of the Zobe Sud: “This solution is not compatible with the objectives of the event, as well as with the Mille Couleurs project.” The team led by Raouf Azouz said on Friday itself. And I hope “I look forward to discovering new areas of cooperation soon for the benefit of the people of Nîmes and the dynamism of the community.

This year, this village will bring together not only associations from the Bisseven-Valdigor area, but also structures from the city center that will provide activities.

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