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Microsoft wants to photograph every site you visit

Microsoft wants to photograph every site you visit

Microsoft Edge is reinventing itself, on the brink of controversy. For easy navigation, it captures screens for quick reference to sites.

Microsoft never ceases to amaze its users. Its continuous innovation has built its reputation. Recently, an update to the Edge browser sparked a wave of curiosity. The intention is clear: to improve the user experience, but the method chosen raises questions.

Why does Microsoft Edge want to take and save website screenshots?

Microsoft Edge is not just a browser. Over the years, it has introduced innovative features. Thanks to Startup BoostMicrosoft Edge is up and running in no time. Likewise, the improved text quality in Windows has been a boon to many. But sometimes innovation can be confusing, especially when it looks Touched on privacy.

The latest update caused a lot of ink to flow. Release Microsoft Edge 117 review Unveiled an unexpected option: “Save location snapshots for history”. The idea is simple: Take screenshots of visited websites to enrich browsing history. More than that, this function will make it possible to revisit pages without having to Internet connection. However, all that glitters is not gold.

Protect your privacy with this new feature

This new ability can definitely be described as seems harmless, but rather useful, But it raised concerns. After all, who wants every page they visit to be photographed without their full consent?

The primary concern of the users is confidentiality of their data. In fact, it’s legitimate to wonder what Microsoft really intends to do with these screenshots. Does the company have effective protection mechanisms in place to ensure the security of captured information? Transparency is key here, and Microsoft needs to provide more information About how this data is processed, stored and possibly shared.

Additionally, the lack of an option to exclude certain sites from this capture is problematic. Imagine that you are browsing sensitive or private sites; The last thing you want is to photograph and store those pages. function allow Save the selected page manually It will not only be reassuring but also practical for the users.

The good news, because it exists, is that this option is available Disabled by default. And so I left Microsoft User choice to activate it or not. And for those who want to get started, just go to Settingsunder the Privacy and Services tab.

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