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Microsoft has reportedly tried to sell Bing to Apple

Microsoft has reportedly tried to sell Bing to Apple

Google is the default search engine on iOS. However, in 2020, Microsoft tried to shake things up…

Every year, Apple receives so much money from Google that the Mountain View company’s search engine remains the default when using an iPhone. We do not know the exact amount, but estimates range between 4 and 20 billion dollars annually, although this is likely not to exceed 7 billion according to the US Department of Justice, as an article from Fonarina.

But, if we are to believe an article from BloombergMicrosoft was going to try to change this situation in 2020, and the results were somewhat mixed. It’s pretty clear that Bing has yet to replace Google on iPhone and iPad. But why this failure?

We can of course assume that the financial windfall represented by Google Payments has a lot to do with this. But there will also be a quality argument. In fact, at least before Microsoft invested heavily in AI, Bing often provided less accurate and less relevant results than Google.

If Google is paying a large sum of money to the Cupertino company, it is very likely that Microsoft will have to pay Apple more in order to get the right to publish Bing on iOS.

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