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Here's how hackers managed to infiltrate the electronics arts giant

Here’s how hackers managed to infiltrate the electronics arts giant

In recent times, the increase in cases of piracy is an excellent example of the weakness of large companies such as Electronics Arts (EA), which are said to have security knowledge.

Simply put, hackers were able to break into EA’s systems by tricking an employee into providing a login code through Slack – a messaging and collaborative work platform for businesses large and small.

Proud of their coup, the hackers did not hesitate to communicate how they seized more than 780 gigabytes of data that they put up for sale on the Dark Web forums.

thanks for the Biscuit Stolen fake phone

Among the stolen data, hackers got their hands on the source codes for FIFA 21 games, the Frosbite engine that powers popular games like Battlefield and other development tools dear to EA.


Electronic Arts


In detail, the EA scam started with the purchase of cookies (Biscuit) was stolen and resold on this infamous secret network for $10, which was used to gain access to the Slack messaging channel used by the gaming giant.

Since these cookies store login information, hackers can impersonate legitimate users and gain access to their services, including Slack messages from EA.

Berner’s IT divisions

“Once we got into the messages, we sent a message to a member of the IT department explaining that we had lost our phone at a party the day before,” a representative of the hacker group told the site. Motherboard.

From the IT department, hackers obtained a multi-factor authentication code to gain access to EA’s internal network. The process was repeated twice, according to the delegate.

From there, it’s easy to imagine what happened next. The group gained access to game development services, and to amplify their movement, they created a virtual machine to access more of EA’s internal content, such as source code.

EA’s investigation into the breach reveals that no data about players has been escaped and that there is no fear for their privacy. They say security has been tightened, and US security agencies have been alerted to launch a criminal investigation.

Here's how hackers managed to infiltrate the electronics arts giant

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