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Love Island: The first deposed couple didn't expect to leave the adventure so quickly

Love Island: The first deposed couple didn’t expect to leave the adventure so quickly

This Sunday, the first couple had to leave an adventure love island.

In fact, Isabel and Marek had to make the heartbreaking decision to eliminate the couple who had the least potential in love on the set. Since Mohab and Gracia had already decided that they were just friends and their relationship couldn’t go any further from a romantic standpoint, they had to leave the villa, accompanied by Audrey, who found herself humbled at the last flame ceremony.

We had a chance to talk to the three singles when they left the adventure.

« We thought we were solid, even if they were just friendly. We thought we were strong Mohab tells us. ” Even at night, we saw the other couples sleeping, and we chatted about everything and nothing. We had a really good feeling. »

« We really expected to stay that night at least ’” Gracia continues. ” We hoped we would have the opportunity to meet other people and find romantic connections afterwards. But as soon as Nadi said there was a surprise, we looked at each other and turned. »

« Gracia and I, we had a great low at first, but there, together, we start to feel a lot more comfortable, then this party happens and the Big Down comes back. Mohab adds. “ If only another couple had to make that decision – Tommy and Anna or Sandrine and Sami – I think we would have stayed. Issa, she is a rational girl rather than an emotional one, and most people out there are very emotional people. »

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« Had they been another couple, I think they would have said, “We don’t care about the concept, we’re saving our friends!” Gracia says.

« that they [Isabelle et Marek] You’d prioritize love, but the thing is, there are couples like Maëva and Gab who, at the next party, definitely won’t be together anymore. Most of the world expected this. It’s boring to know that they kill the couple, even if it’s friendly at the moment, because we wanted to find love. We really had good intentions. »

The three excluded unanimously believe that the most powerful couple in the villa at the moment is the one formed by Tommy Lee and Anna Mile. ” On the inside, that’s what I believe in the most. They are very fusion » Explain Nima. « Tommy and I were very close and when he told me about Anna I saw the hearts in his eyes. I find them beautiful together. »

Although Audrey fell down Tommy Lee, admitted that he makes an amazing couple with Anna Mile. ” I agree to see him with another girl, and I want him to be happy even if he is not with me. “She also hopes her friend Sandrine will go further on the adventure. ” She is a friend who will stay long after the show. I know she hasn’t had a very easy journey with Sammy, it was like that at first, but I think they’ll be able to get through it. The two are still very young too, they just started their love life… I hope they go away and maybe end up together, who knows! »

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