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Mediavore has become a Certified B Corp

Mediavore has become a Certified B Corp

Mediafor Obtains B company certificateThis is the label that explains this Continuing commitment To bring benefits to society and the environment in the digital sector in Quebec.

How does the company contribute to the public good? By focusing on developing innovative and sustainable technologies that integrate the principles of eco-design and web accessibility, but also by equipping its customers and partners so that they can maximize their human and material resources, thus creating a real impact on society. And the environmental level.

“Adopting sustainable practices, while allowing other organizations to do the same, gives meaning to what we do every day and is part of our deep values. Over the coming year, Mediafor It will focus on developing its own food and plant-based products, effective and environmentally responsible solutions that are designed to meet the concrete needs of public and private institutions in Quebec. Alexander GilbertPresident and Co-Founder of Mediafor.

A journey of commitment to social and environmental transformation
The journey to B Corp certification has profoundly changed the company's purpose, practices, and products. Mediafor. Throughout this process, continuous process improvement was made by considering the needs of employees, customers, communities and the environment.

At the environmental level, Mediafor It has adopted various practices and policies aimed at reducing its environmental footprint. Among these initiatives, the integration of eco-design principles into the development of its technological platforms occupies an important place. In parallel, Mediafor She chose an eco-web hosting service located in Quebec, where the energy used is powered by hydroelectric power. The primary goal is to facilitate the adoption of more sustainable practices for B2B customers through optimized solutions.

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In the social plan Mediafor It integrates web accessibility standards into its digital platforms in order to meet the needs of people with different functional limitations, e.g. Its products are also designed to enhance individuals' well-being by reducing the number of repetitive tasks, thus making their work more motivated, while allowing the company to improve its operations.

Furthermore it, Mediafor It constantly collaborates with cooperatives, foundations and organizations such as the Laval Social Pediatric Center and the Fondation du Cosmodome. Whether through financial donations, pro bono services, or her team members' volunteer participation on boards, she chooses to help organizations that generate a positive impact in her community.

Mediafor It also attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees. It promotes a dynamic work environment as well as personal and professional life balance by adopting a fully remote working mode.