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Media library and social living space become one in Saint Clare

Media library and social living space become one in Saint Clare

Thanks to volunteers, the municipal media library and social life space have become one in Saint-Clair around Florian-Garonne.

At the Media Library headquarters in Saint-Clair, the Friends of the Media Library Social Space (EVS) promotes exchanges and puts culture within everyone's reach. EVS benefits from approval and funding from the Gers Family Allowance Fund (Caf), and is also supported and funded by the City Council. EVS offers a very diverse range of activities in different areas: youth and parenting support, receiving children's relays and activities aimed at children and adolescents; Socialization and access to culture including regular conversations in Spanish, sewing or cooking workshops, readings in the Residential Institution for Dependent Elderly (Ehpad), health workshops for the elderly, library passes, etc.; Meetings, talks, visits, concerts…

The environmental aspect is linked to a keen awareness of the site's administrators: a special tree weekend, a “2 tons” workshop, and tomorrow a “mural of new stories.”

New office

Thanks to everyone, to this group of ideas, and the mix of ages and cultures, EVS is able to offer this entire programme, with the intervention of volunteers and the linking and coordination work carried out by Florian Garon with the association. Everyone can come and suggest their own activities.

The minimum annual contribution is 5 euros, which covers, among other things, the mandatory insurance for participation in the events. This also makes it possible to finance some activities, in particular those carried out by professionals, purchasing supplies and a few hours of work for Florian Garon for the association. You can also be a donor member for €25, with a 66% tax deduction or reimbursed at 66% for non-taxable members.

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During the General Assembly, the establishment of a new office was unanimously approved: Co-chairsRené Denel and Claire Janssens; treasurerCaroline Buck; SecretarySylvette Baratto. Information on or by email ([email protected]).