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McDonald’s announces a new burger that’s likely to get people talking

McDonald’s announces a new burger that’s likely to get people talking

The company announced in a press release Thursday that the new burger will appear in McDonald’s restaurants across Canada starting March 7.

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It’s a Big Mac chicken burger, and it’s a particularly popular product, the company assures.

Big Mac chicken will taste like a Big Mac, the classic McDo.

“We know that Canadians have been trying to create a Chicken Big Mac for years, waiting for the original version,” said Alisa Poitekover, McDonald’s Canada Chief Marketing Officer. The Big McChicken has finally arrived! But it is offered for a limited time only; So reward yourself without delay.”

The Chicken Big Mac will consist of its classic toppings: Big Mac sauce, lettuce, melted cheddar cheese, and tangy pickles.

The burger will contain two parts of chicken covered in crispy crumbs.

Almost a million people visit McDonald’s in Canada every day. Nearly 100,000 people work for McDonald’s across the country, in franchise restaurants and the company’s restaurants.

The company also supports

Acquisition of more than 85% of Canadian suppliers.

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