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MasterCard against the biggest class action in the UK

A class action lawsuit has been filed against MasterCard in the UK. In question, fraudulent fee applications for a period of 16 years.

An important case against MasterCard Profile b England. Competitive Appellate Tribunal (CAT), Who previously dismissed the case in 2017, recognized the former financial arbitrator Walter Merricks To proceed The US tariff system is huge. MasterCard would have actually charged Excessive transaction fees for English consumers, Writes the Financial Times.

Walter Merrix on behalf of 46 million consumers, ில்லியன் 14 billion for MasterCard Or more 16 billion euros. According to the Economic Daily, it isUnprecedented joint action United Kingdom.

The case stems from a 2007 European Commission ruling that MasterCard violated competition law.

This is also the case The first complaint filed by the Consumer Group Under the new collective action rule defined within the framework of Consumer Rights Act 2015. This legal provision is intended to compensate individuals and small businesses in the event of an anti-competitive practice.

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This case arises from an endA European Commission, Dated 2007, Accordingly MasterCard violated the competition law Regarding the establishment of certain fees charged between banks in MasterCard transactions. The European Union finally imposed A fine of 570 million euros For a US company in early 2019.

The CAT decision follows the recommendations of the UK Supreme Court, which in December ruled that the dismissal of the case was erroneous and asked for a review of its decision. Justice now allows Walter Merrick to be heard Compensation For All Britons 16 and over Purchased by their MasterCard at a store in the UK Between 1992 and 2008. Meanwhile the complaints of the dead British alone cannot be taken into account.

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Test date not yet set. For its part, MasterCard is confident that “in the coming months, it will lead to a study of the facts.” Significant reduction in claims“.