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Qantas should make it mandatory for its employees to be vaccinated

Qantas should make it mandatory for its employees to be vaccinated

Qantas, an Australian airline, announced on Wednesday, August 18th Vaccination will be mandatory for all employees. The company became one of the first major Australian companies to make the vaccine mandatory for its employees, and noted that the measure applies to it. Jetstar’s low-cost subsidiary. Flight and ground personnel should be fully vaccinated November 15. Other employees have until March 31 to do so.

“Having staff who are fully immune will help with this Protect our employees from viruses but also our customers And the areas we serve, “said Alan Joyce, managing director of the Australian Conservative Party.” They want to leave the choice to companies to decide the policy They think to apply.

As for the company, an employee survey shows it 89% of employees want to be vaccinated Or when already 4% do not like it. “The vaccine is obvious The only way to end locks And border closures, that is, the return of many Quantas and Jetstar employees to work, ”the managing director continued.

Qantas and Jetstar have already placed thousands of international flight attendants on unpaid leave since early 2020, with Australia’s borders closed to most foreign travelers. The airline has already pointed out Vaccination will be mandatory for international travelers And he planned to organize lotteries to encourage Australians to get vaccinated.

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