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Martin St. Louis takes the blame for the Canadian’s recent failures

Martin St. Louis takes the blame for the Canadian’s recent failures

The Canadian surprised many with a start to the season that exceeded expectations. So much so that we wondered if he hadn’t finally reached another stage in his progress. Even Martin St. Louis got into the game.

“The success we had early masked some of the little things. I take responsibility for that as a young coach,” St. Louis said before the team traveled to Detroit.

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

Particularly the type to see the glass as half full, the Canadian coach maintains that he may have let some shortcomings or bad habits slide due to the surprising results his group has seen up until last week.

“When you win, sometimes you put a bandage on, even though you may need a minor surgery,” the Laval resident said. When you wear the patches for too long, you end up needing too much surgery and it’s too late.

The Housing Tribes have fallen in their last four matches. The sequence that allowed St. Louis to understand the seriousness of the situation before his team was transferred to intensive care.

Difficult departure

Among the problems to be solved, there is certainly the start of the match. The Habs reached 27H Ranking in the ring with 15 goals allowed in the first third. Conversely, he only scored seven, giving him twenty-ninth placeH Rank.

A statistic that explains why Montreal hasn’t been able to hold the lead in any game since the visit of the New Jersey Devils on October 24. Six-match drought.

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“Martin told us that this morning,” Nick Suzuki said. It happened that we won games without playing well in the first two periods. “Coming back in the third half made us feel better.”

However, this bad trick ended up catching the Canadian.

“We must definitely prevent this from happening again. It is up to us to see to that. We must definitely be more vigilant since the initial throw-in,” the captain said.

Matheson problems

The Habs’ losing streak also coincides with Mike Matheson’s four-game losing streak. The problems began to appear after the game against the Jets, during which the defender appeared bothered by the injury.

“No. “It’s okay,” the Pointe-Claire athlete confirmed when asked about his health and whether he was playing even though perhaps he was not 100% fit.

The opposite answer would have at least helped explain why he was on the ice for 7 of the opposing team’s last 11 goals.

“Of course it’s difficult now, but talking about it won’t change anything. The only solution is to work harder and do my best to be ready for every match,” Matheson said.

“I always have faith in my abilities. I have enough experience to know that we will get through this eventually. Besides, I’ve already been through worse and it happened again.”

Avoiding drowning in negativity is an aspect that will definitely help him get back on track. Except that sometimes it’s easier said than done when you find yourself at a low point.

“He has to be committed and honest in his performances and when he watches his matches. You have to avoid looking back and focus on your next presence. I liked the rest of his match. He corrected himself. That’s encouraging,” St. Louis explained.

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It remains to be seen if the trend of the final two periods against the Lightning will continue Thursday night in Detroit.

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