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Martin St. Louis sets it straight |  Montreal Magazine

Martin St. Louis sets it straight | Montreal Magazine

It didn’t take Martin St. Louis long to take all the space he deserved.

Since arriving behind the Canadian benches, he has responded through his actions to several questions.

Example: Before he arrived, we wondered if the decision-makers at Habs had done nothing wrong by keeping Cole Caufield in the NHL. Staying in the MLS, where he regains his confidence, was the most logical solution.

St. Louis said no.

With Al-Kindi, he will get out of the quagmire in which he was involved.

The results were quick to prove the coach was right. Coffield is unrecognizable. St-Louis provides him with the opportunity to express his talent as a goalscorer and exploit his speed. He was released from a shackles jacket that upset him when defensive instructions were imposed on him. At one point, in the face of the frequent failures of the young American, he found himself in a trilogy usually dedicated to defensive roles.

St. Louis has set the record straight.

The player we have identified as an exceptional skater, the player on whom we place so much hope for the company’s recovery process to achieve the set goals, must not only stay with the Canadians, but St. Louis supported his decision by giving him a strategic position within the trio responsible for leading the offensive.

Coffield “fly” on the ice rink. He plays with boundless confidence because his coach gives him all the freedom that a talented young player deserves.

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Don’t forget the Romanovs

The same can be said about the increased responsibilities assigned to Alexander Romanov.

Over the weekend, in an interview with TVA Sports, Vincent Le Cavallier noted that players like Romanov need to play several minutes.

“They will make mistakes, but the player is talented, and you know he’s going to be fine and he’s playing really well now.”

This is how Lecavalier expressed the new management philosophy. The Canadian will not make the playoffs, but the players should seize the opportunity in order to finish the season on an interesting note.

And if CH decides to exchange Ben Shearot, it will be necessary to ensure that the next generation will get maturity.

What happens on the ice will be a reference point for Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, St. Louis and Le Cavalier in terms of numbers to keep.

It didn’t take long for the city’s new mayor to establish himself. He explained what the new rules are at the level of daily operations. Soon he imposed his philosophy.

We are no longer talking about a system, but about a concept.

“We ask the players to read the game well, but it will happen that we will do a poor read. As a player, this happened to me. You have to be patient,” he said after the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday.

In each of her press briefings, St. Louis finds the tone and words that make her understandable. It has a different vocabulary which is refreshing.

And the players made him a very attentive ear.

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Cheaters no longer have a place in the group.


  • Bruce Cassidy sent a letter to his boss, Don Sweeney, telling him that the team desperately needed another defender, left-handed if possible. He is absolutely right. Brandon Carlo isn’t having a good season with the Sutton Bruins, and Mike Riley is the back support and not the one to be used alongside Charlie McAvoy…
  • It is reported that Ilya Samsonov appears in the window display of Washington Capitals. Interesting ? So if the capitals are looking for a goalkeeper, then Samsonov is far from the answer.
  • The name GT Miller comes up in rumors every day. According to Vancouver Canucks decision makers, he is the best player on the team this season and will earn less than $6 million next season. Why should we trade it?
  • The presence of Joe Sakic in the match between the Canadians and the islanders caused an uproar. Sakic was in the New York area because his team was in Boston, so he took advantage of a short trip to see the islanders and Canadians. On Monday, the Colorado Avalanche’s general manager undoubtedly realized that his defensive brigade was having a hard time dealing with the opponent’s sergeant. At the same time, reviving the attack is rather difficult. Sakic knows that Ben Shearoot will be an important acquisition and that Scott Mayfield is an interesting candidate as well.