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Martin St. Louis money becomes a problem for taxpayers

Martin St. Louis money becomes a problem for taxpayers

Since his time as an iconic NHL player, Martin St. Louis has remained a well-known figure in the hockey world, but his transition from the ice to the coaching bench hasn't been without its blemishes…and head scratches…

Recently, his participation in an advertisement for Hydro-Québec, for which he received $250,000, attracted criticism, especially since this money comes from taxpayers' taxes.

Additionally, with a $3 million annual salary as an NHL coach, some voices have been raised to question his performance behind the bench. Let's just say…it's hard…

Numbers are often revealing, and in the case of St. Louis, they highlight a reality that is difficult to ignore. His performance as a coach did not live up to expectations.

Despite the financial investment and hope placed in it, its results were below league standards. It is difficult not to realize that his performance is not commensurate with his high salary.

There is reason to wonder why he accepted a quarter of a million dollars from Hydro-Québec. When he earned more than $61 million as a player. and approximately $40 million in additional real estate assets and investments.

Especially since he would never accept that Arber Xhekaj would star in a BURGER commercial. Two standard peas.

Some might argue that a team's performance is affected by various factors, and they would be right. After all, we are rebuilding.

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A coach's evaluation should be based not only on raw statistics, but also on his ability to develop players, develop the system and manage complex game situations. However, even taking these elements into account, St. Louis' results remain disappointing.

Montembo's arrival to the team may have eased some of the criticism of St. Louis, but it shouldn't mask all of the shortcomings that have been noted. The performance of one player should not be the deciding factor in judging a coach's effectiveness.

It's time to face an undeniable fact: Martin St. Louis has yet to reach an NHL coaching position. This in no way diminishes his past contribution as a player, but simply recognizes that not all great players become great coaches.

It is important to make objective decisions based on performance and tangible results. To succeed as a coach, you need more than just fame and a glorious past as a player.

Although Martin St. Louis remains a respected figure in the hockey world, his journey as an NHL coach has not lived up to expectations. Numbers don't lie, and it is time to acknowledge this reality and think about the next steps objectively and discriminatingly.

If we're being honest, St. Louis doesn't deserve a contract extension when his deal expires in the summer of 2025.

At worst, he could become Hydro-Québec's official spokesman…