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“It’s time for someone to fix the problem.”

“It’s time for someone to fix the problem.”

Tough Panthers defenseman Radko Judas continued his work of carnage against the Canadiens Thursday night, notably by clipping defenseman Justin Barron in the knees during a surge.

Then the young full-back descended aggressively behind the net. He got up, but it was clearly not cute. The rookie Sean Farrell also tasted the aggression of the Czech, who injured striker Kirby Dach last January.

As had been the case in previous clashes between the two teams, Judas was then able to continue his match peacefully, as no one in the Canadian raised a finger to go and “teach him manners”.

It is true that many of the strongest Habs players, such as Arber Xhekaj or Josh Anderson, are currently in the infirmary. But Judas was not so terrible at the end of the fist, someone, from among the Canadians, could have gone to visit him.

For many, that player would have been Michael Peseta, a powerful winger who, however, does not usually need to be asked to go up front.

“Michael Pizzetta, it’s hard to start referring to him (…) but at some point you have a role, if you want to change your role you can do it, but there are consequences in the end, we’ll see what happens,” explains our colleague Reno Lavoie, Friday, for “JiC”.

One thing is for sure: the problem remains.

“Radko Judas, on top of all that, with everything he’s done against the Montreal Canadiens since the start of the season, has to come out of games thinking it’s ‘fun and it’s going well,'” Reynaud said.

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Then he summed up: “It’s time someone fixed the problem.”

There was also talk, during his speech, of the completely unstoppable Rafael Harvey Benard, Christopher Letang playing his 1,000th game on Sunday, and a bizarre scene that happened yesterday in Major League Baseball.

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