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Marter Toulousan.  Sébastien Rouenette presents at Espace Ephémère

Marter Toulousan. Sébastien Rouenette presents at Espace Ephémère

Sébastien Rouanet has installed his paintings in the Chabernaud jewelry store’s Espace Ephémère since September 2, and the opening will take place on Saturday at 6 p.m. Sebastien Rouenette has had an atypical career path. An engineer, he allowed himself late in his life to listen to his deep aspirations, which led him at thirty to playing the piano, and at forty to drawing and painting. At the age of fifty, he developed his activity as an artist:

“Even if stage fright is present, I want to share what I do without putting up barriers to the gaze of others. Two themes interest me: colorful and contemplative works such as those currently on display at Martre, based on inspirations and images that catch my attention on a daily basis, mainly gay images are on display In the Catalan resort of Sitges. He also offers handmade postcards to fight in his own way against today’s hasty and unspiritual means of communication. “And you? Wouldn’t you rather receive a card in your mailbox, selected and written for you? Instead of sending an SMS to 30 contacts? It’s old school, but I’m calling for it!” An eclectic artist, he switches styles, techniques and supports depending on the time period, choosing subjects according to the inspiration of the moment: “I generally work in a series of two to four works with the same dynamic, before changing, I might come back again.” See you later.” Sébastien Rounet is a free artist who does not limit himself, exploring all the worlds that his passion offers him: “I draw and draw as I am, a disco ball.”

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Some of his works can be discovered until October 27 at Espace Ephémère of the Chabernaud jewelry store, 15 bis boulevard du Nord, Martres-Tolosane. Opening ceremony on Saturday, September 30 at 6 p.m.