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Marie-Eve Janvier goes through a whole range of emotions when she announces good news

Marie-Eve Janvier goes through a whole range of emotions when she announces good news

The week ended in a wonderful way for Marie-Eve Janvier, who announced some very exciting news to her subscribers… news that made her go through a whole range of emotions!

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After the final days of uncertainty, following the bankruptcy of Just for Laughs, some comedians will continue to tour, but uncertainty still surrounds the musical. Waitress.

However, in the afternoon, on Friday 15 March, we happily learned that the summer project had been organised Joel Legendre He will truly see the light of day!

Marie-Eve Janvier, who inherited the lead role alongside her Julie ringette And Sharon JamesHe wasted no time in revealing the good news. She admitted to herself that smiles and tears intertwined, and now the tension over this story was over, she shared her joy at the thought of finally being able to embody Jenna on stage.

Here's what Marie-Eve Janvier had to say about Future Waitress:

“The struggling heart, the goosebumps on the arms, and the big smile on the face…so excited to know that the waitress will continue her adventure!! It will be done as planned!! I'm crying with joy, crying with stress and sheer excitement at the thought of seeing you on stage!”

In recent days, it has been impossible for me to imagine that I will not live this dream, this moment that I have been waiting for for 10 years… It has been impossible for me to imagine that it will not happen, it has been impossible for me to imagine that this success on Broadway will not see The light is here in our language with a wonderful staff!! (Which will be announced soon!!), it's impossible to get used to the idea that I won't be able to wear an apron and Gina's shoes to live in 10 years, and it's one of my greatest feelings when I find you on the scene. But it will happen. For real. As expected. Yes! As expected!!!

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There are many of you who have believed in Him from the beginning. To see 20,000+ tickets sold already, that's already a success, it's absolutely crazy!!

From the beginning of this adventure, the stars aligned. There is a lot of magic about this project.
It's a project of the heart, led by people who believe in it.
Thank you to the amazing Just for Laughs team who did everything they could to ensure the waitress didn't die. When we say good-hearted people, there were a lot of them from the beginning in this project.

From one devoted family to another, thank you to ComédiHa for your great dedication, energy and love to save this wonderful show and all the artisans out there. We will be able to bring the stage to life this summer thanks to you Sylvain and your entire team! Without you, none of this would have been possible. On behalf of our extended waitressing family (of which you are now a part :)), thank you so much.

I'm telling you, Gina is ready to meet you in just a few weeks in this musical that will mark you forever!

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Through a press release, we learned that it is the ComediHa team! Who will take over the reins of the project that was announced last September, and the rest of the distributions have not yet been revealed.

Waitress will be shown on June 22 in Montreal, at the Théâtre Saint-Denis, before traveling to Quebec, at the Hall Albert Rousseau, starting August 10. Tickets are available now on the venue's websites as well as the show's website.

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Great news for everyone associated with the project, but also for the public!

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