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Marie-Andre Pauline puts on her microphone after 17 years

Marie-Andre Pauline puts on her microphone after 17 years

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This morning, Marie-Andre Pauline officially presented her last television moment, during the Salut Bonjour programme. The journalist, after a long career in the media, decided that it was time to return to her first love, teaching.

Marie-Andre wanted the Beaucerons to be among the first to receive this news. That’s why had the opportunity to talk to her about this change of course.


In addition to being on People’s Televisions, Mrs. Pauline is the mother of a young girl, and it is largely her family that made the decision to change her career.

“For sure I’ve been in the media for 17 years, 10 years at TVA and LCN, and I wanted a little change in that schedule”

For the past nine years, she’s been getting up at 3 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday to do the show, Quebec Mateen Weekend, as well as having to cover evening shows and daytime events. Feeling of lack of sleep.

Teaching, back to basics

Few people know this, but long before she was in front of the camera, Marie-Andre taught at school in Saint-Gideon, and then in Quebec. After that, she moved to Montreal in 2004 where her career shifted towards media. During the pandemic, she offered to help the school next door to her get more free time, and sparked a passion for imparting her knowledge to the children. The former journalist will be doing replacement work this fall and hopes to have the opportunity to take a class in the near future.

Allow yourself to get carried away

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Marie-Andre sees this turmoil and this important change with optimism. She is not afraid of what awaits her and lets herself drift away.

“I go where life wants me, I have always trusted. There is a door that closes but all the windows remain open.” End with a smile, this interview.

To find out more, listen to our full interview in the video.

Video Courtesy: TVA Nouvelles and LCN

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