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Maribere Maureen hired by Tim Hortons: Jean-Charles Lajoie is in trouble

Maribere Maureen hired by Tim Hortons: Jean-Charles Lajoie is in trouble

– amazing…

– Maribere Morin’s new face…for Tim Hortons?

– That would be magical…

Marybeer just opened the door.

“I’d lie to you if I said I slept well for a week. There’s always the specter of a media event. Will people come over? Will things be alright? How will I feel? I create scenarios in my head. I always see the worst case: there won’t be a cat, people will throw stones.” Ali. It is more or less than that … “

“I will never have that life again, when I was at the top and I don’t know if it interests me. What is important to me today is the encounter with the human being. Promoting a random new product, talking to journalists and taking cute pictures to feed my ego is bad for me. Before “I felt it would make me happy. But it’s a trap. It doesn’t exist. The real deal is what I build every day with my boyfriend, my daughter, and my family.”

“I was thinking: “Maybe I’ll have to go work at Tim Hortons eventually.” I was like, “I was going to do a couple of movies.” [Arlette, La chute de l’empire américain]. I was going to have a great career.” In my head, it got to the point where I felt like I had to pull the plug emotionally.”

“At some point, feeling against the grain, when nothing works… everyone has limits. I think I’ve reached my own.”

“In therapy, when I came in, they asked me, ‘What are you going to do with the rest of your life? I never cried in the same vein. Because I have no idea what I’m good at, other than communication, curiosity and talking to people. I have no education. What else am I going to do?'”

“I’m just glad I had the chance to do the job I love and that I found a microphone in the radio.” (On WKND 99.5 Montreal’s morning show.)

– Indeed, Jean-Charles Lajoie had his ratings at the bottom of the hole.

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He had to compete with Paul Arcand.

– He will now have to compete with Maribere Morin..

Against a two-headed monster…

Jean-Charles would also have been a good fit to play Tim Hortons and His Donuts.

– But in the end…

Maribeer deserves everything that happens to him.

– the unknown alcohol saved her …

“When the fraternity meetings began, they always said to me: ‘Maribere, you have to give time to do her thing.’ That’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted her to go at my pace! But they were right: it takes time. I wouldn’t have been able to come here.” Six months later, to talk about my recovery process, the foundations I was able to put in my life, the ideas I brought, and the tangible and real changes I brought.

“When I accept my weakness, I find my strength to move forward. Because I’m not perfect, I’m not an amazing woman, and I’m not the mother of the year. I just do my best.”

“I’m in the process of regaining confidence in myself, in my abilities… It feels good, with being kind to yourself. It’s new to me. I’m not used to it.”

– Will she be able to compete with Paul Arcand?

Hard time, hard time to start…

– At least you start without pressure.

– Because all Quebec listens to Paul Arcand in the morning.

– to Maribeer to steal a small percentage of the audience…

Mini donut end…